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Esperance Brass Band has a colourful history.

On the 9th May 1967 a public meeting was called for the shire to gauge the interest in forming a band for the town of Esperance. There was great support for a band and the first committee of the Esperance Citizens Band was formed. Mr Ian Palmer, Mr John Durdin and Mr Harold Jacobs were the original committee for the Esperance Citizens Band and the first rehearsal was held one week later.

Mr Horrie Board was the inaugural Band Master and members who played in the band were required to use their own instruments as the band did not have any. Esperance Shire Council provided a grant for the band at the end of 1967 to purchase a number of instruments for members that did not have their own. Today members are provided with an instrument and uniform.

Esperance Citizens Band faced a lot of tough periods in the early days with low numbers and sporadic membership. Woodwind instruments including clarinets and saxophones were often used to replace the familiar sounds of brass instruments.

Mr Ian Palmer replaced Mr Board as the second conductor of Esperance Citizens Band and held this position for many years. Mr Palmer also conducted learner classes for anyone that was interested in learning to play an instrument free of charge.

In 2000, Esperance Citizens Band changed names to become Esperance Brass Band and performs under this name today. Esperance Brass Band is also affiliated with The Western Australia Band Association (WABA).

Mr Laurie Palmer is the current Musical Director of Esperance Brass Band and has held this position since 1994.